The name “MIRCHI” denotes a bold and un-conservative kind of authentic Indian cuisine. It is not just another bland, ultra-conservative, traditional Tandoori and Mughlai Food restaurant. It is a place where you can explore specialty cuisines of different regions recreated with a variety of spices to really enhance the taste buds of the food lover. It offers authentic as well as its own creations of Indian recipes from various regions and have not restricted themselves to Mughlai food. Again, according to Ranjiv Kumar, owner, “sometimes all it takes is that extra dash of something to turn around an everyday dish into something exotic, and not too many restaurants believe in doing that – the result is, that you get similar tasting food everywhere... at Hakka Mirchi we have dared to do that.” Currently situated at 100-Foota Road (S.S.N.Marg), Chattarpur, New Delhi, the 22-cover restaurant, is a remarkable attempt to offer a unique concept. This is the first of a slew of outlets, on the anvil at various locations in NCR.

For starters, MIRCHI has a varied range of rather unusual and exotic kebabs, which definitely is their forte’. On the one hand is the hot “Mirchi Murg Tikka” – a fiery chicken tikka marinated in red chilies, and on the other, the must try "Murg Malai Tikka, for those who love the flavour... It is interesting also, to see the fantastic kebab selection with the most delicious “Dahi Ke Kabab” for the vegetarians. This pure yogurt kabab is astonishingly held together without any binder or muscle surviving the grill and arriving at the table intact. If there is the all time favourite “Chutney Paneer Tikka” there is another treat for the veggies and that is the “Hara Bhara Kebab” – a cheese and spinach concoction. The regional representation of the cuisine is really high. There is the “Malabar Fish Curry”, a specialty fish curry for those who love South Indian cuisine, and the “Lagaan ka Gosht”, a spicy mutton curry. Then there is the recreated “Murg Makhani” a must try for all Butter Chicken lovers. The “Fish Amritsari” is, of course, the all-time favourite from Punjab. For the veggies, the “Subz Jhal Farezi” and “Paneer Makhanwala” are just divine. Do not be disappointed because you have both, your all time favourite “Dal Makhni” as well as the “Dal Tadka”. The grand finale to an interesting fusion meal at Mirchi is, of course, the traditional "Gulab Jamun". Also, there is the irresistible "Phirni" for the old timers. Everything is authentic, fresh and delicious. This no-frills décor & casual outlet will certainly provide for quite an unforgettable experience.  

Here is what the various newspapers/publications had to say about our earlier Mirchi outlets in Ansal Plaza & Connaught Place, Delhi, in the various write-ups and articles written about it since its inception in 2002:

H.T.City, (Hindustan Times, New Delhi) – “
Is speciality Indian food making a comeback in Delhi’s restaurants? It would seem so…… the near future should see a couple of examples of this sort of cuisine, but first off the mark has been MIRCHI at Ansal Plaza…… a chilly-hot idea that should sell.”

Viva City-Bazaar, (The Pioneer, New Delhi)
– “MIRCHI makes unabashedly and unapologetically no compromise with the concept infused in it by owner-conceptualiser Ranjiv Kumar, a born-again Punjabi from Kolkata. The place arguably sells Delhi’s hottest food.”

Outlook Magazine – “
Bypass the usual kabab and gravy mughal-e-azam, sold in 360 degrees of goodness and badness in restaurants everywhere across the country, and try MIRCHI instead. It’s a restaurant that takes a strong menu of meats, fish and vegetables and matches them up with southern and lesser known Indian masalas. Cooking with a stoppered oil bottle, the food here is light and comfortable priced at Rs.400/- for two people…… one of the most divine vegetarian delectations is the Dahi-ke-kebab – sublime, silken and melting, a pure yogurt kebab, this one holds itself together without any binders or muscle. Surviving the grill and arriving at your table intact, this is one of the greatest acts of milk power, yet. Try it to believe it.”

Society Magazine
– “Kathak exponent Shovana Narain, a bureaucrat currently on deputation as the Deputy Director General to the Department of Telecom, BSNL, was enthusiasm personified when we asked to her lunch at MIRCHI at the capital’s Ansal Plaza. ‘I miss my husband, sitting in Kathmandu he does not know what he is missing.’ Her husband Dr. Herbert Traxl, is  the Austrian Ambassador to India. ‘Excellent food’ is what she says. ‘An afternoon well spent.’  That says it all.”

Times (The Times of India) – “Hot stuff. The restaurant that promises lots of hot spice and some ice – MIRCHI – at Ansal Plaza…… needless to say, an exotic fare that goes well with those who live spicy food.”

Savvy Magazine
– “Delhi has a new flavour – MIRCHI – at Ansal Plaza, offering authentic Indian cuisine with the extra hot touch of mirchi.

MID DAY – “The restaurant is an inviting and romantic place to be in, especially in the evenings where one can sit on candle-lit tables and enjoy a real fascinating fine-dining experience.”

Business Standard
– “Now dining gets macho with enough chilli to light up the Yamuna…… Ranjiv Kumar is unlike any other restaurateur you’re likely to meet. The food he serves, he says with inconsiderable pride, is the food he likes.

TODAY Newspaper
– “Gastronomically, the world seems to be divided into two compartments – one comprising people who just can’t do without chillies and the other section which prefers food either bland or subtle. This one is obviously not meant for the latter category.”

HT City (The Hindustan Times)
– “Sometimes all it takes is that extra dash of something to turn around an every day dish into something exotic. But not too many restaurants believe in doing it – the result is that you get to eat similar tasting food everywhere. This applies especially to the numerous Indian cuisine restaurants that have mushroomed all over the city. So what do you do when you want to play safe and add some mirchi to your food…… you visit MIRCHI, the eatery is the most preferred joint for Delhiites who also like their food extra spicy.”